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'Tis But a Scratch



steve/tony <3

oh man look how hellah this is!!!! The perspective and the dynanism of the poses and just! everything! the liinesssss I love how many lines there are it’s driving me nuts w happy


I’m falling for the superhusbands hard.


I did a thing for tonyfuckingrogers! :)


a thing i drew like months ago… vaguely based off samsteves post that i can’t find about steve really getting into hugs and snuggling his head into the crook of the other person’s neck and lifting them off their feet without even realizing it 


so yeah, read THIS and you’ll understand why I drew this


im done omg aaaaa i actually chose very specific flowers with meanings behind them ahahaha (if u wanna know its on my dA post….) i dont wanna draw another flower crown again for a while orz

buy em here on storenvy as pencil bags! orders close and ship out mid-december~



Well, tomorrow is wednesday and I said I wanted to draw nsfw things this time as therapy bye ┻┳|・ω・)ノ


Happy (belated) xmas everyone ‘u’

(some 616!stevetony fluff…I’d like to think that after a year together, steve learned to be more relaxed and open while tony learned to be more responsible, and they can tell when one of them’s wound up and knows how to calm the other down uwu)

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